6 Months - 3.5 Years


With a strong emphasis on positive parent and child interaction and peer-to-peer learning, these parent-and-child classes are designed as pre-instrumental education that can dovetail beautifully into learning an instrument through the Suzuki Method or otherwise.

Your child will receive a solid musical foundation and develop their innate sense of rhythm and melody, as well as their understanding of music as a whole.

In addition, they’ll develop confidence, self-control and independence, as well as mental focus, memory, language and numeracy skills – all within a fun and supportive atmosphere. The wide age range in the class will give children opportunities to learn from each other in an effortlessly natural way. Because adults play an important role in these classes, we require that one adult must attend per child.


This class is being offered on Tuesday mornings downtown as part of the JCC Suzuki Program and on Tuesday & Saturday mornings in Leslieville by Lovenotes' east-end sister-school Redwood Ukulele School.

Since enrolling our son in Lovenotes he hears the music in everything!
— Lesley and Dean Marino