A Lovenotes Success Story - From Observant Baby to Class Leader

Here at Lovenotes, our favourite thing about teaching music classes for kids 0-5 years-old is watching the kiddos learn and grow over the years they are with us. Here is a story about just one of our inspiring young musicians. This youngster has been a joy to watch blossom in our music classes! 

Name: Elliot

Age: 3.5 years

Parents: Lesley and Dean Marino

Time at Lovenotes3 years

Observational at First

Elliot started at Lovenotes at the tender age of 8 months old. For his first 6 months of class, I don’t think we even heard a peep out of him. He was observant - listening intently and taking it all in. He always sat close to his mom or dad with a hand gently resting on their leg. He didn’t smile or take turns very often, so in the Lovenotes way, his parents would model for him by playing the instruments and singing and dancing to the songs with him in arms. Elliot’s parents were so gentle with him, they never pushed him and they didn’t get discouraged with his extended period of "taking it all in". They believed and trusted in the process of the Lovenotes method.

The Turning Point

I’ll never forget the day Elliot stood up in class and exploded onto the scene. He was a year old.  He started jumping and clapping and was so excited about class! Not long after that, he began taking turns and participating. It was like a switch had gone off in his head - he was primed and ready to go!

Now the Leader

Now, three-and-a-half-years-old Elliot has flourished in his class! The younger students watch and learn from him and he takes immense pride in all his musical accomplishments. He sings loud and proud, and in tune and time - he feels the music intrinsically. Lovenotes' teachers are able to add in challenges for him as he grows and he is a delight to all the parents, as they get to see what is possible for their children as well. 

What His Parents Are Saying

“Since enrolling Elliot in Lovenotes School of Music, he hears the music in everything! For a three-year-old his sense of rhythm, dynamics and his ability to pick up a melody amazes us and he cannot wait to learn an instrument!  During his time at Lovenotes he's really blossomed into quite the little performer at home and in class!” 

What’s Next?

Elliot has an interest in playing the violin or ukulele or the guitar or the piano.  He and his family haven't decided which one quite yet, but we can’t wait to hear him get into it