Top 5 Music Schools for 3-6 year olds in Toronto’s Leslieville Neighborhood

As the director of an early childhood music school that readies children to play an instrument I often get asked, “Can you recommend a good place for my young child to take music lessons?”. Yup, I sure can. Whether you’re looking for piano, violin, guitar, ukulele, drums or singing lessons for your kiddo, Leslieville has got you covered with some seriously cool offerings. 

Here are five of my favourite music schools in Toronto’s east end that specialize in music lessons for 3-6 year olds. 


1. Sweet Music Lessons

What: In-home music lessons for children aged 4+ years. Serving Leslieville and surrounding area, the instructors travel to your home each week and can teach a variety of instruments including piano, ukulele, guitar, drums and voice.             

Where: Your living room.

Why they rock: Catering to each student, this school uses fun, popular music of your child’s choice. For the youngest of learners, the lesson is broken up to include theory and singing games. 

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2. Upper Beaches Music School

What: Suzuki violin for 3+ years, and traditional violin and piano for 5+ years.

Where: Main and Danforth

Why they rock: 20 minute private lessons and weekly group violin classes for young beginners include lots of games to keep the kiddos focused and engaged. The teachers here are passionate about their pedagogy and really know how to work with very young learners. Trial classes available.

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3. Fiddle with Ajineen

What: Group fiddle lessons for 5+ years and private fiddle lessons for 4+ years. 

Where: Gerrard Art Studio @ Coxwell and Gerrard

Why they rock: Taught by local mom Ajineen Sagal on Saturday mornings in Little India, these popular and often sold out fiddle classes include fun kid-friendly games and simple tunes. Private lessons are taught throughout the week at Ajineen’s home..

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4. Redwood Ukulele School

What: Group ukulele classes for 6+ years.

Where: Redwood and Gerrard

Why they rock: Local mom Lisa Olafson teaches the much lauded James Hill Ukulele Method in an after-school program. In these classes the small but mighty uke becomes a gateway for kids to learn an astonishing amount of theory and develop their musicality in an easy-going environment. Pick-up available from Equinox and Roden PS. Trial classes available.

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5. On The Off Beat Music School

What: Drums, cello, piano, violin, guitar and voice for 5+ years.

Where: Jones and Queen

Why they rock: This school offers private instruction on a wide range of instruments in various styles and specializes in ensemble based playing; whether that be in a jazz trio, a string quartet or a rock band. Trial classes available. 

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Not quite ready to commit to an instrument with your little one? Why not try out a group music class with Lovenotes School of Music. In our parent/child music classes our expertise lies in building solid musical foundations for 0-5 year olds in a fun and nurturing environment.  We also run summer music camps for 4-6 year olds.