Music For Kids - The Trucks Edition

Music for Kids - Trucks Edition

This is the third installment of "Music for Kids" in which we get to know different families and their go-to music. This week we feature Lovenotes kiddo Isaac and his family and get the skinny on all the best truck songs to add to your playlist and repertoire! 

The Child: Isaac - age 2.5 with a sibling on the way!

The mom: Krista Fogel is an east-end Toronto mom and photographer* and Lovenotes parent.

Why is music or music making important to your family?

It's the best way to raise your voice.  

What kind of music did you listen to before being a mom?

Somewhat of a variety ~ Joel Plaskett, Johnny Cash, U2, Regina Spektor, Joanna Newsom, GnR, and all the stuff that independent coffee shops were made of at the time:  Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, Mumford & Sons, Florence and the Machine, Phoenix, and a throwing in of Beyonce and Madonna. 

What was your favourite music as a small child?

My favourite song was Baby Beluga by Raffi. Other faves:  Sharon, Lois and Bram, Fred Penner, Marcy (Sunday School songs), Heino (some old time German singer), and other eclectic findings when you grow up with older parents :)

Did you or do you sing your kids lullabies or songs to calm them down? 

The Mockingbird Song, with new made-up verses, makes its way into every nighttime routine.  "... if that diamond ring don't shine, mama's gonna buy you a big combine..."( I grew up in Saskatchewan.) 

My son is big on vehicles too so almost every song has to incorporate them... We love singing "You are my sunshine," but more like "You are my snowplow."  Or "Backhoe."  Or "Drilling rig," etc.  Really some beautifully inspired lyrics.

What are your kids favourite songs to dance to?

"If You're Happy and You Know It"  and songs from the Lovenotes classes like "Ring around the Rosie."  

What is your child's favourite songs to sing?

"Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key" by the Small Glories, "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, and all the songs about different trucks from "Twenty Trucks" by Rob Gardner (this guy is brilliant... if you have a kid into trucks and don't know about this yet, you're welcome!)

Any other favourite music videos?

My son loves "Baa Baa Black Sheep" on YouTube by Tiny School.  It's a must-watch!  I might like it even more...

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*Krista is the lead photographer at Krista Fogel Photography.  Her work focuses on fun, fresh and bright family and small business photography. She is so in love with both of her jobs.