Why do you combine multiple ages in a single class?

Lovenotes classes offer learning opportunities for all ages within one class! This is a deliberate approach that benefits all participants. Younger babies learn faster when they have peer role models, and older children thrive as leaders. Older children will be given constant opportunities to advance their skills.

Why is Lovenotes not a drop-in class?

Early childhood research tells us that children thrive with routine and repetition. This is because, when children feel safe and know what to expect, their brains are much better prepared to learn new things.

In other words, the repetition is a large part of what makes this class so effective and enjoyable for all.
After only a few weeks, you can expect your child to eagerly anticipate (and thoroughly enjoy!) their Lovenotes music class, and this is in large part because they know what to expect.  - the other children, the activities and the bonding time it creates for you both!

Can I bring two children at once and is there a sibling rate?

Yes, sibling rates are available. Please email us and we will provide you with a discount code you can use at check-out.

Generally speaking, our mixed-age ‘Sweet Loves’ classes work best when there’s one adult per child, but we do allow for a limited number of two-child-per-caregiver families in our classes. Please inquire as to available spots if this is of interest to you.

One parent with two children is just fine for our ‘Little Loves’ baby and ‘Big loves’ big kid classes, provided both children and within the age range for the group. a sibling rate can be arranged.  However, Lovenotes requires that there be one adult per child.  

My child turns the minimum or maximum age during the session. Can I still sign up?

Of course! Because Lovenotes is designed as a mixed ages program, children will do just fine as either the youngest or oldest in an age range. If you are having trouble deciding on a class, please email us and we can help you make a choice. You are also welcome to trial both classes (completely free of charge) to see what is the best fit for your child.

When will my child be able ready to move from the group class to individual instrumental instruction?

Consistent attendance at Lovenotes will have your child ready to play an instrument by three to four years of age. If you are interested in your child playing an instrument such as violin, piano, cello, guitar, ukulele, banjo or drums please click here for recommendations of great local teachers for young children.

What is your refund policy?

If for any reason after your first class you are not satisfied that Lovenotes is right for your child, a refund is available. Refunds are subject to a $25 admin charge and will be issued up to – and no later than – the start date of the third class of the session.

How big are your classes?

There is a maximum of eight children per class to ensure that we can provide personalized attention to each child.

How long is each class?

All our classes are 45 minutes in length.

What skills will my child learn in a Lovenotes class?

Great question. They’ll learn the following skills (in a joyful and totally fun environment):

  • Musical: rhythms, beats, pitch-matching, intervals, listening, and musical dynamics.

  • Social: confidence, self-control, and independence.

  • ‘Brainiac’ (aka thinking): mental focus, memory, language, and numeracy development.

  • Motor: Clapping, walking, jumping, and finger play.

For more information on our method, click here.

Can I join midway through a session?

Absolutely! We are happy to pro-rate the session for you! Please email us for a discount code to use when you sign up.