Everyone is born with the ability to be musical. To hear melody and pitch. To feel rhythm.

When you nurture these abilities in your child early on – and give them an opportunity to practice them – they will stick for life. So it’s no wonder that studies show a music class is one of the best things you can do with, and for, your child in their early years.

At Lovenotes, our classes are specifically designed to nurture this natural ability in your child – in an environment so joyful and fun your child will have no clue they’re learning!

We use a curriculum developed by The Suzuki Association of the Americas, which has been researched, tested and refined by renowned early childhood educators for over 30 years.

With a strong emphasis on positive parent and child interaction and peer-to-peer learning, our classes are designed as pre­-instrumental education that can dovetail beautifully into your child learning an instrument – but they don’t have to.

Even if you have no plans to introduce your child to an instrument (or haven’t decided yet), our classes are absolutely beneficial. In addition to that oh-so-important musical foundation, your child will learn social and ‘brainiac’ skills that will benefit them in all aspects of their life such as confidence, self-control, independence, mental focus, memory, language, and numeracy development – all while having a blast.

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When we signed up we also got a digital download of songs which we listen to all the time ­­and it always makes him smile (and helps during long car rides!). We are signing up for the next age class in the fall. Can’t wait!
— Larra Skye